DebtKollect™ is a full service debt collection firm specializing in ethical and professional collections established in 1996 at the height of the Asian financial crisis. Its principal offices are located in Ortigas Center, the most dynamic business center in the Philippines today.


DebtKollect™ has engaged in major collection effort throughout the Philippines and has contacts in major cities and provinces nationwide.


DebtKollect™ has built a good reputation in successful collection of bad debts and accounts receivables and helping clients make their businesses viable, if not continually competitive.


DebtKollect™ offers comprehensive, prompt and professional accounts receivable and bad debt collection programs specifically designed to fit your needs.


DebtKollect™ achieves the sole objective of successful credit collection by providing comprehensive review and analysis of your credit and collection policies and making recommendations to strengthen them.


DebtKollect™ exerts efforts by personally communicating with the debtors to provide a forum for the proper accounting and reconciliation of the debts and for the negotiation and agreement of terms that would make payment expeditious and manageable.


DebtKollect™ is affiliated with an established Philippine law firm to help you in the prosecution of any collection suit without defraying separate costs for attorney’s fees.


DebtKollect™ is comprised of collection managers and staff who are fully competent and wholly dedicated to provide sincere solution for your specific collection needs.


DebtKollect™ would be pleased to become your collection agent. We invite you to contact us for any additional information you may need and look forward to helping you collect your accounts receivable and bad debts.


DebtKollect™ is a collection firm affiliated with ChanRobles Professional Group and A Member of Credit Management Association of the Philippines (CMAP).

We are committed to become a business partner of our clients by providing the best collection services designed to suit their business needs.


As business partners, our clients are given the highest priority in terms of analyzing existing credit and collection policies and recommending credit and collection programs that promote their interests as well as that of their stakeholders.


We also assure our clients to effect highest collection efficiency of accounts receivable and bad debts with least cost even if legal proceedings are availed of.


Our collection efficiency is guaranteed by our competent and dedicated collection managers and staff who possess exceptional collection skills and knowledge with due regard to the rights and sensitivities of debtors and adherence to prevailing ethics, culture and laws affecting all stakeholders.


If you want a credit and collection partner in your business, we undertake to be your best choice.

Debt Collection Services

DebtKollect™ services are customized to suit your needs and ensure expeditious collection without undermining your customer satisfaction goals. However, we also help you understand that sometimes going to court is the only recourse left to succeed with business debt recovery collections.


Thus, in line with these objectives, DebtKollect™ the following top-notch services:


1. Credit and Collection System Analysis


We provide comprehensive review of the credit and collection policies and systems of your business and determine the weaknesses or loopholes in these policies and systems. We also study the nitty-gritty of your business operation particularly those relating to sales and collection before making recommendations on how to improve and strengthen your credit and collection policies and systems.


2. Extra-judicial debt collection services


Upon your referral of the accounts receivable and bad debts for collection, we confer with your credit and collection and other concerned staff to discuss the history of the accounts, the collections efforts exerted and the pertinent documents evidencing the debts and accounts receivable. Thereafter, we study the viability of collection and determine what course of action to take. The result of this determination will be submitted to you through an opinion-status report for your final consideration and approval.

If it is determined that extra-judicial collection efforts are still viable, we communicated with the delinquent debtors through series of letters, e-mails, phone calls and personal meetings. The debtors will then be given the opportunity reconcile their records with yours and eventually agree amicably on the terms of the payment of their debt.


3. Judicial debt collection services


When extra-judicial collection efforts are no longer deemed effective after giving the delinquent debtors several opportunities to settle their obligations, the bad debts and accounts receivable are then referred to Chan Robles Law Firm for the filing of the necessary case, either criminal or civil or both.


The referral to the law firm does not entail separate costs for you since the accounts will still be governed by the terms of your referral of the accounts to DebtKollect™. Thus, you are assured of avoiding payment of expensive attorney’s fees.


Once the appropriate case is filed, the client is always updated on its status and proceedings. In fact, clients have still the say whether to continue the collection efforts or stop the same.


If you feel these kinds of services are all you need, please contact us so we can forge a mutual and harmonious business partnership.

Proof of Receivables and Reportorial Requirements

  • List/s containing the following information:
  • Debtor/Customer Name
  • Billing Address
  • Business Address
  • Home Address (if available)
  • Telephone Number
  • Reference with address and telephone number (if available)
  • Outstanding Balance
  • Original and/or Xerox copies of invoices, delivery receipts, dishonored or bounced checks, promissory notes, statements of account, acknowledgment receipts, signed contracts and other pertinent documents, information or history as evidence of indebtedness of the debtors as the bases in affecting total collection, as the DebtKollectmay require.
  • Upon endorsement of an account, an opinion-status report to be submitted as often as may be necessary or as may be required CLIENT, to indicate whether extra-judicial and judicial remedy or action to effect collection is still effective or not.

Debt Collection Contingency Rates

  • Minimal acceptance fee.
  • Any and all necessary and extraordinary expenses such as transportation fares, messengerial services, cost of paper, postage, photocopying, telegrams, cables and the like shall be for the account of the CLIENT.However, extraordinary expenses involving substantial amount shall be subject to approval of CLIENT.
  • Any filing and other fees imposed by court or government agencies as well as appearance fees of the law firm’s lawyers or representatives assigned to the case shall be for the account of CLIENT. The appearance fee to be collected for a particular case is fixed at P3,000.00 for lawyer and P2,000.00 for non-lawyer per appearance provided that CLIENT shall pay only for a total of fifteen (15) appearances in court or government agencies.
  • DebtKollectshall secure the approval ofCLIENT whether to proceed with the litigation of the case after the eighth appearance in court and no collection has been made. Any appearance fee in excess of fifteen (15) appearances shall no longer be billed to CLIENT but shall be defrayed by DebtKollect.Any civil suit for collection outside of Metro Manila shall be negotiated between the parties as far as the appearance fee and other costs are concerned.
  • For and in consideration of the collection services to be rendered by DebtKollect, a collection fee (the “Collection Fee”) of:
  • Fifteen percent (15%) based on the total receivables collected shall be paid by CLIENT to DebtKollect, in case collection is effected through extra-judicial means;

o Twenty-Five percent (25%) based on the amount actually collected or recovered from the adverse party, in case collection is made through judicial means necessitating the filing of a complaint for collection, Estafa or Violation of Batas Pambansa Bilang 22 (Bouncing Check Law).

  • CLIENT shall pay the Collection Fee, as follows:
  • For check payment received by DebtKollect in behalf of CLIENT, within ten (10) days from the receipt of DebtKollect’s Remittance/Billing Report or clearing of any check payment whichever comes later;

oFor cash payment directly made by the debtor to CLIENT, within ten (10) days from CLIENT’s receipt of the DebtKollect’s Billing Statement for all such payments directly made to CLIENT pursuant to Remittance/Billing Report or clearing of any check payment, whichever comes earlier.

  • In cases where collection is made through payment of property or rendition of services, the value of the said property or services shall be mutually agreed upon by the parties, taking into account the depreciation or discount factor which shall not be more than ten (10%) of the purchase price or service rate of the property or services.
  • DebtKollect shall still be entitled to payment of the Collection Fee when CLIENT withdraws or recalls an account within the payment of the Collection Period while the same is in the process of the collection and there are pending negotiations for settlement and DebtKollectcan show that there is a strong possibility of collection.In such case, DebtKollect, shall be entitled to payment of Collection Fee of 10% based on the actual collection made and after the same shall have been actually paid to CLIENT.
  • The collection and other fees referred to in this Section shall be exclusive of 12% VAT.
  • ·The fee may be designed to suit the client needs on cost-efficiency.

Other Debt Collection Terms and Conditions

  • By executing the Collection Agreement/Submitting claims on-line, Client authorizes the DebtKollect™ to perform debt collection services according to these rates and terms and conditions on all accounts placed for collection.
  • Client authorizes DebtKollect™ to receive and endorse, for the purpose of debt collection, any funds in all forms received by DebtKollect™ for the purpose of remitting said principal to Client less any fee due DebtKollect™. Client agrees to pay DebtKollect™ its full commission on accounts collected, paid direct to Client, withdrawn, waived or forgiven, product or services returned or received in lieu of payment, or settled from any source, after demand for payment has been made.
  • Client agrees to notify DebtKollect™ immediately of any direct communication or payment from Debtor. Client agrees to pay DebtKollect™ an additional 15% fee for any payments received directly by Client from Debtor that are not reported by Client to DebtKollect™ within 10 days of receipt of payment.

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DebtKollect™ is a full aservice debt collection firm specializing in ethical and professional collections

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